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Delhi’s forgotten Empress

If you were one of the Muslim rulers of India, how would you expect yourself to be buried? In some grand mausoleum erected by your subjects at a serene place on the outskirts of the town? Probably yes, since that’s where most of the emperors who ruled over vast swathes …

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Flâneur-ing through Ahmedabad–7: Heritage Walk!

So sometime back with few expat acquaintances I went for the amazing Ahmedabad heritage walk which is conducted every single morning starting at 8 AM from Swami Narayan temple in Kalupur and ending at Jama Mosque at Gandhi road. It is organised by CRUTA foundation every day with the help …

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Flâneur-ing through Ahmedabad–1: Jama Masjid

With just 5 and a half months left for me in Ahmedabad as of now, it dawned upon me to get to know this city, which I called home for such a long time, a little better. I believe there are various hidden treasures of Ahmedabad which many citizens don’t …