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Inside India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City: Ahmedabad – Pols

The 600 year old walled city of Ahmedabad on the eastern banks of the river Sabarmati became India’s first UNESCO world heritage city in July 2017. I took an independent morning walk exploring the sites that gave the city this prestigious tag. Here’s part 2 of the 2 part series: Inside Ahmedabad.

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Flâneur-ing Through Ahmedabad–8: Purple Flower

In a musically dead city like Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar if you get to listen rarest of rare live numbers of Eagles, Men at Work, Pink Floyd, Bryan Adams, Bob Marley etc. then no doubt, you surely are attending a Purple Flower gig. Purple Flower is a cover band formed about four decades …

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Flâneur-ing through Ahmedabad–7: Heritage Walk!

So sometime back with few expat acquaintances I went for the amazing Ahmedabad heritage walk which is conducted every single morning starting at 8 AM from Swami Narayan temple in Kalupur and ending at Jama Mosque at Gandhi road. It is organised by CRUTA foundation every day with the help …

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Flâneur-ing through Ahmedabad–6: La Bella!

At last it happened, the much delayed and hence much anticipated visit to La Bella! This modest one room eatery run by a Goan Auntie serving scrumptious and authentic Goan food is a favorite haunt of many homesick students from NID, CEPT and IIM for it is where they get …

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Flâneur-ing through Ahmedabad–5: Rani’s Hajira

Just across the road from Badshah’s Hajira (King’s Tomb) in Manek Chowk is the Rani’s Hajira (Queen’s Tomb) where you can get to see the tombs of Ahmed Shah’s queens, Begum Muglibibi, Begum Mirkibibi and Begum Hazrabibi amongst about 15 others. Though the Tomb of Ahmed Shah is in quite …

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Flâneur-ing through Ahmedabad–4: Badshah’s Hajira

Badshah’s Hajira (King’s Tomb) is the mausoleum of King Ahmed Shah who once ruled Ahmedabad in the 15th century and after whom the city is named. It is located in the old city in the bustling Manek Chowk area just beside Jama Masjid. The tomb is square shaped with latticed …

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Flâneur-ing through Ahmedabad–3: Bhatiyar Gulley by the day

For those like  me who love to gorge on non veg food, Bhatiyar gulley is no foreign name in this majority vegetarian city. Located beside the iconic ‘Teen Darwaza’ (Three Gates) in the old, eastern city of Ahmedabad is this non veg food lover’s delight which was also once featured …

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Flâneur-ing through Ahmedabad–2: New Lucky Restaurant

‘These graves have proved to be lucky for our business.’ said Mr. Nair, sitting at the cash register right beside one of the many graves dotting the place. He is one of the two partners who runs New Lucky Restaurant near the bustling Lal Darwaza area in the eastern part …

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Flâneur-ing through Ahmedabad–1: Jama Masjid

With just 5 and a half months left for me in Ahmedabad as of now, it dawned upon me to get to know this city, which I called home for such a long time, a little better. I believe there are various hidden treasures of Ahmedabad which many citizens don’t …