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Beatles Ashram Rishikesh – A Photoessay

In 1968, The Beatles at the peak of their fandom visited Rishikesh to soak in the spirituality the town had to offer under the guidance of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi. Since then Rishikesh has prominently gained its place on the backpacker map of the world.
Here’s taking a look at the Ashram where they stayed…

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Diwali in Dalhousie

Diwali; what comes into my head when I hear this word? Pollution, Smoke, Firecrackers and the resulting cacophony. The very reasons I avoid this festival by miles. And all of it is exacerbated in Delhi, hence, this Diwali I absconded more than 350 miles to Dalhousie. Here’s what it had in store for me…

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Backpacker’s Guide to Rishikesh

One of the reasons I absolutely love living in Delhi is the sheer number of getaways it has to offer. You have the lush Himalayas, lustrous Punjab, cultural Rajasthan and the historical Uttar Pradesh as your playground. Since I’ve moved here now from Bombay, I try to get out of …

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A Summer in Kasol

After a hiatus of more that 3 years I got the time to resume my travels, and I started it off by spending a couple of weeks in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh to relax. Here are my experiences.

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Mesmerizing Fort Cochin

Portuguese, Jewish, Dutch, British, and of course, the indigenous people. This little island of Fort Cochin off the coast of Kerala has seen them all. Come, take a look at the rich history of the island.

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Backpacking Through North India-4: Delhi

After Attari, Amritsar and McLeodGanj, it was time to head back to Bangalore, Delhi was supposed to be the transit point but I decided that as I was going to be in Delhi, why not stay there a day more and visit couple of historical places from the Mughal era …

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Backpacking Through North India-3: McLeodGanj

After covering Attari and Amritsar, via Delhi I headed to McLeodGanj, aka Little Lhasa of India. It’s called so because this cosy little town on the foothills of Dhauladhar range serves as a home to the exiled Tibetan community. Also the home to His Holiness Dalai Lama, this town houses …

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Backpacking Through North India–2: Amritsar

Getting up early in the cold of Punjabi plains is a pain in the a** task, and my hotel room, I’d call it cubicle, was unusually cold that foggy morning. I managed to take a bath that early and headed out for Jallianwala Bagh, the site of massacre by British …

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Backpacking Through North India–1: Attari-Wagah Border

Recently I went backpacking solo up north, here’s part 1 of the series of my travelogue. Punjab, the land of five rivers. Some of them might have dried up but Punjab still is the most fertile land in India, thanks to the extensive canal network developed by the British. This …