Solivagant – a solitary wanderer.
Flâneur – a man who saunters around observing society.

Hi! I am Kunal Chhatwani. A New Delhi based professional who tries to take a stab at many things outside of work. Travel being one of them.

Having lived across four cities in the last few years, thanks to the novelty factor, I’ve developed the habit of exploring my surroundings by wandering around, absorbing the vibe and energy of the place, and observing the people and the society. That’s the strategy I apply to my explorations within the city and to my travels outside of it.

Since 2014, the first time I backpacked solo, I have chosen the said method of travel for all my trips thereafter. I believe that only via backpacking (specially solo) can one explore a place in its true, raw form. By shying away from the ‘tourist’ places, by living in hostels, by mingling with the locals and travelers (not tourists) alike, by exploring the bylanes of the towns, by eating the food that the locals eat, by experiencing their culture first hand among other things can one  collect experiences on the way that last for a lifetime.

This space is my effort to highlight my explorations and travels, and share my personal travel accounts and insights from the road. Hope you enjoy reading it.