Inside India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City: Ahmedabad – Pols

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Inside India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City: Ahmedabad – Pols

This is part 2 of the two part blog series ‘Inside Ahmedabad’, navigating through the old city of Ahmedabad which earned it the title of UNESCO World Heritage City in July 2017. Part 1 dealt with exploring the treasures of the walled city. In this part I walk through the narrow alleys of the ‘Pols’ of Ahmedabad.

Pols, are the residential quarters in within the walled city of Ahmedabad segregated on the basis of community, profession or religion. They’re characterized by their peculiar layout and the architecture of the houses. Pols usually have extremely narrow lanes and interesting build of the houses. Not to mention the pretty, old school architecture. They were designed this way in order to provide protection to the dwellers in case of communal riots back when the city was the part of the Gujarat Sultanate.

Haja Patel’s Pol, said to be one of the oldest Pols in the city.
The narrow lanes inside the Pols.
The central square of a Pol.

There are some old beautiful houses in some of the pols with internal courtyards.

The typical windows of a Pol house. Notice the second flap at the bottom with a grilled frame behind them.

In one of the ‘pols’ lies the former house and now memorial of the Gujarati poet Dalpatram.

The statue of Kavi (poet) Dalpatram outside his memorial.
The house turned memorial of poet Dalpatram.

In the middle of the Pols lie these bird feeding points called ‘Chabootaras’. Built to attract birds long gone due to deforestation.

Another fascination I have with the Pols of Ahmedabad is because of these doors, which come intricately carved in all shapes and designs.

This gentleman kept smiling for my camera while I was clicking the picture of the door. 🙂

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