Month: November 2017

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Beatles Ashram Rishikesh – A Photoessay

In 1968, The Beatles at the peak of their fandom visited Rishikesh to soak in the spirituality the town had to offer under the guidance of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi. Since then Rishikesh has prominently gained its place on the backpacker map of the world.
Here’s taking a look at the Ashram where they stayed…

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Diwali in Dalhousie

Diwali; what comes into my head when I hear this word? Pollution, Smoke, Firecrackers and the resulting cacophony. The very reasons I avoid this festival by miles. And all of it is exacerbated in Delhi, hence, this Diwali I absconded more than 350 miles to Dalhousie. Here’s what it had in store for me…