Wandering Through Bombay–6: Cafe Mondegar

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Wandering Through Bombay–6: Cafe Mondegar

When a place welcomes you with a quote like ‘Reality is an illusion caused by alcohol deficiency’, you know it’s one of those friendly neighborhood bars! That’s Cafe Mondegar, also called Mondy’s, which is not a bar actually in conventional terms for it serves regular Indian, Chinese and Continental fare too along with alcohol.
It is situated at a strategic location, at the beginning of Colaba Causeway, near Regal Cinema. Just as Leopold is popular with tourists, Mondy is preferred by old time Bombay locals.
So this Sunday morning I headed there to savor Mondy’s famous breakfast fare, which is served to you with the day’s print.

Mondegar is one interesting place with many features worth noting. To name a few…
(left) The walls, just like that of my office cafeteria, are adorned by Mario Miranda’s graffiti.
Also here you have the famous Mondy’s Jukebox where you can play your favorite classic rock numbers, be it Beatles, Rolling Stones or some Pink Floyd.
Another interesting feature, which is common between Leopold and Mondy is its table top printed menu.
You get to satisfy your cravings for the food which is not commonly available in many restaurants in Bombay, be it beef steaks, prawns or bacon, you’ll get it all here along with pitchers of beer or glasses of sophisticated wines.

Compact seating arrangement at Mondy with tables placed close by. Another example of Bombay’s space crunch? Who minds!

And that on the other end is the famous Mondy’s jukebox!

And this is my breakfast; fried eggs served with bacon, crisps and buttered toast, preceded by Orange juice and followed by a nice, hot cup of coffee. I loved the fare except for the bacon which was way too chewy and dry. Next time when I go there, I’d rather order my breakfast with sausages.

The merchandise they have for sale, ranging from caps to mugs, T shirts to napkins.

So here’s to the good ol’ Mondy. the ancient, timeless streetside cafe; standing since the British were here, and serving Bombayites some good food and beer! (Wow, that rhymed!)

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