Wandering Through Bombay–5: Bandstand and Bandra Fort

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Wandering Through Bombay–5: Bandstand and Bandra Fort

Bandra (West), as everyone knows, is one of the posh neighborhood of Bombay and one of the most expensive suburb, also the first one out from the Island city. Also I haven’t seen so many churches conglomerated at one place anywhere in India but in Bandra. That’s the speciality of cosmopolitan and diverse Bombay, which is a huge relief for me after living for so many years in homogeneous Gujjuland. This beautiful, leafy neighborhood is also home to many of India’s rich and famous.
This post covers the sights of the walk I took from Mount Mary’s Basilica to Bandra Fort via Bandstand.

An old bungalow adjacent to Shahrukh Khan’s at Bandstand. I’d love to live at a place like this!

And this is where the Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan lives.

Fans posing for some clicks outside Khan’s bungalow.
It’s always amusing to see how most Indians are so starstruck by Bollywood and the associated glamour, though a close look at the industry makes it look repulsive.

A deserted and worn out construction at this prime location, I wonder why no one has brought this land and constructed a mansion or a residential apartment here. Disputed site, maybe, for vacant land like this doesn’t go unnoticed by Bombay’s land sharks.

A wall with this painting of another retro Bollywood actor of yesteryears, Rajesh Khanna. Bandra is full of surprises.

Mount Mary Steps, this way leads you to Mount Mary Basilica.

The leafy neighborhood of Bandra.

This way to Bandra Fort.
Also called Castella de Aguada, Bandra Fort was constructed by the Portuguese in their prime. This fort placed at a strategic location overlooking the city to the south and the Arabian sea elsewhere served as a defence checkpoint for the Portuguese. Later as Bombay faced occupational threat by the Marathas, the British partially destroyed the fort devoiding Marathas the pleasure of capturing it and using it against the Portuguese and apparently, the British.
Funnily, today, Bandra Fort serves as a haven for couples looking for some intimate moments away from the craziness of Bombay. And boy does one get an amazing view of the Bandra Worli sea link from atop its roof.

Beware of the snake!

There she stands proudly, Bandra Worli Sea Link, the new landmark of Bombay! And beyond is the Bombay skyline.

Bombay skyline from beneath the sea link.

A closer look; isn’t she beautiful?

A dog stealing a nap on one of the steps leading to the top of the fort.

And then it rained forcing me to head back home!

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