Wandering Through Bombay–1: Mohammed Ali Road during Ramadan

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Wandering Through Bombay–1: Mohammed Ali Road during Ramadan

Yes I know, I’m late for this series of blog posts. It’s been 6 months and a half since I moved to Bombay and now comes my first post in ‘Wandering Through Bombay’ series (after my previous series, Wandering Through Ahmedabad). The reason being that with my hectic job, I hardly get time to blog, thus just one post since January. But now I resolve, starting this post, I’ll be active on my blog again.

So on a very rainy (I was about to use ‘wet’) Saturday evening in the month of Ramadan (Ramzan in Urdu), I headed to Bombay’s famous non veg street food heaven, Mohammed Ali Road. I set out on foot from Churchgate station and managed to reach there just at the time of Maghrib prayers and when people were preparing to break their fast. Minara Masjid (above) was all lit up in its full glory and one could hear the prayers through the loudspeakers.
I headed there to get the full Ramadan experience, hence I survived on juice throughout the day (err.. the experience is not complete if juice is involved. but in my defence, I didn’t eat at the time of Sehri, heck I didn’t even get up that early) and set out for this street in the evening.

At the end of the prayers, people headed out of the mosque, and the feasting began…

These kids referred themselves as ‘Gandhiji ke 3 bandar’ (Gandhi’s 3 monkeys) before posing for my lens.

The bustle around the food stalls. It grows with time and is at its max around Isha prayers.

This was at the BadeMiya stall, aren’t the seekh kebabs mouth watering?

Kebabs in making…

Some more bustle…

A Shawarma in making. Apparently, I found Khaboos Shawarmas to be the best thing to eat there (after all I’m a Lebanese food lover, and snob), after of course, some Phirni…

I asked him for a picture and he put his hand behind his head for a pose.
Those white things in earthen bowls are called Phirnis. I didn’t know what Phirni was until @AsavariGill told me about this amazing sweet. And I can say that Phirni brought back my faith in Indian sweets.

Looking at me taking photographs, this kid asked his mother to ask me to click his photograph, and I obliged gleefully!

Mohammed Ali road reminds me of Bhatiyar Gulley of Ahmedabad. But the former, no doubt is livelier.

Look, we have a tricolor!

I always find it amusing, the way they have their food for display!

So what is being fried in the picture above is some sweet called Malpuwas. Looked inviting, though I couldn’t try some for I was full by that time.

And now, some raw meat to gross some of you out. There in the picture you can see some goat brains, kidneys, and that dark brown thing on the left is the liver. I’ve always wanted to try some brains, or what they call ‘Bheja Fry’! Will try it some other time I’m there.

And ending the post with this picture of some kids enjoying their Ferris Wheel ride.

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  1. The Blog Is Good K For Those Who Love Food. But This Is Not The Whole Picture Of Ramzan In Bombay. There Are Many Other Things Like The Clothe Market U Missed Out On. Am Talking About Manish Market & Nakhuda Mohalla. Some Pics From These Areas Would Have Made The Blog Complete. And Also The Attar Shops Like The Shama Perfumary Right In The Center Of Bhendi Bazaar Which Is Also Famous. But Still Good Job Done. Keep Writing More Blogs On Bombay. Yes Bombay It Will Be For Us. Not Mumbai!:-)

    1. Thanks Musa!
      The post is specific to Mohammed Ali road, which is eminent from the title. I don’t know about the cloth markets but I surely intend to go to the Attar shops, specially the iconic HM Zakaria and Bros. Also I want to go to and explore Crawford market, which, I have visited once but not ventured into with the intention to explore. Thanks for the suggestions, will try them too if time permits.
      And sure, Bombay it is! 🙂

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