Flâneur-ing Through Ahmedabad–8: Purple Flower

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Flâneur-ing Through Ahmedabad–8: Purple Flower

In a musically dead city like Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar if you get to listen rarest of rare live numbers of Eagles, Men at Work, Pink Floyd, Bryan Adams, Bob Marley etc. then no doubt, you surely are attending a Purple Flower gig.
Purple Flower is a cover band formed about four decades ago and it still jams every weekend at City Pulse in Gandhinagar since a decade! They generally cover classic rock, easy listening and sometimes jazz and blues numbers. The wonderful people who form this group include Vispi Siganporia (who started this band) on drums with his signature Pink Floyd T shirt, his daughter  Harmony on acoustic guitar and vocals, likewise Marc Damania on vocals and electric guitar and Arnav on keyboard.
City Pulse had been my haunt for a long time on Saturday nights during my college days, and believe me, of the time I spent in Ahmedabad, Saturday night used to be the best time of the week for me. You can just lie there on the concrete boundaries of the trees dotting the patio for hours sipping coffee and listening to the band on those wintry nights.

Purple Flower caters to the musical needs of the ‘unconventional’ crowd of the twin cities, which obviously is numerically weak in here; thus there being very few people who appreciate the kind of music Purple Flower puts forward, you can expect less crowds, hence serene atmosphere and well, your requests will get played promptly (and always with a smile)! Smile

In a nutshell, it is Purple Flower that has kept the live music scene alive in the city since all these decades.

Leaving you with few videos of the band that I found on YouTube.

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